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Discover a team!

Within the young brigade, work rhymes with passion and these are not the ideas that are lacking to make you vibrate and satisfy your desires …
Discover this universe through some pictures….

It is through a real commitment that we prepare our dishes. A culinary commitment, artistic and of course, environmental. It is about harmonizing our ideas and our values, our desires with yours, in order to give meaning to what we do every day…


In the shade of a centenary lime tree, the terrace offers a view of the garden and its freshwater basins. You will appreciate our cuisine differently in a natural setting and full of a certain serenity.
Relaxation and awakening of the senses in perspective…
It is possible to come in a group.


I shape and sculpt the park with the seasons and in which mingle the floral and kitchen garden.
You will enjoy our garden by taking a break next to the swimming pool. The place is ideal to spend a pleasant time with family or with your friends.


That is the percentage of our recycled waste.
The protection of the environment is an essential step, in continuity with our philosophy.
Recycling, composting, awareness of the team, everything is organized to reduce our impact on nature.

Live. Live well. To live the best and most honestly as possible in the world as advocated by the philosophers of the eighteenth century. This is a challenge in our difficult, agitated, even dangerous world, in which we often want to let go, give up and take refuge in a selfish ivory tower, disdainful of the noise around us.


Perhaps, however, it is enough to remember the perennially of certain things to find calm and serenity and share them with those who live around us. Is not it enough to listen to Mozart so that the sky clears and becomes immensely blue? Does not slipping into the Journal of Charles Juliet lead to optimism and joie de vivre? And what about the meeting with the work of Viallat or Soulages always similar and always renewed as life can be.

It is the intuition that this other side of things existed that prompted Jean-Claude Marlhins and Juliette Ciesla to realize what should have remained in the realm of the dream.